Monsoon Assemblages

Multidisciplinary research project investigating the entwined impacts of rapid urbanisation and  climate change upon the South Asian monsoon, as well as the consequences for the human and non-human livelihoods that depend on it. 

Focused through three of Asia’s rapidly growing cities Chennai, Dhaka and Yangon, the project drew from historical research, field work, meteorological data, and novel cartographic visualisations to explore and communicate this phenomena across ranging scales and multimedia formats.

Project website

Grant: European Research Council (No.679873)
Project Team: Lindsay Bremner, Beth Cullen, Christina Geros, John Cook
Year: 2018-2021
Location: South Asia
15.650°N, 88.130°E
Exhibitions: Milan Triennale 2019, Venice Biennale 2021, Royal Academy Summer Exhibition 2021 & 2022
Publications: AD Architectural Design 2020 & 2022, E-flux 2021