Weaving the Nakaiy

An interdisciplinary project that looks to entwine local indigenous knowledge captured through field recordings, interviews and soundings throughout Huvadhu Atoll with data visualisations of weather and climate as seen through the Nakaiy calendar.

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Client: Prince Claus Fund and Geoth-Institut
Project Team:
Ifham Niyaz (Artist / Translators)
Dr. Jonathan Cane (Researcher), Leverhulme Centre for Anthropocene Biodiversity
Mohamed Ishan Saeed (Architect), Atollscape

Year: 2023
Location: Maldives
00.49894°N, 73.29035°E

“Sometimes, depending on what happens, Kethi ends, Roanu also ends, and when Miyaheli comes calmness sets in. If the winds are low too there might be a stopover. When Miyaheli arrives, the wind may change to the southern side a bit. If that change happens too we might have to wait. In that sense, sometimes, very rarely it may happen that way, we may have to wait for up to two months, in Thaa atoll.” 

- Nevi, Abdul Wahhab, Gadhdhoo Resident